Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Royalty free music

So, my friend Aaron gave me this 4 dvd set of royalty free music. And, as my job today was to find music for our Children's Hospital video, I thought I should give it a listen before dropping real money on some songs on line.

I had my normal array of computer issues downloading each DVD (4 hours total) and now I'm listening to the various tracks.

The first one, titled Producers Pack 1, started out with a harsh record scratch and the words "I wanna get FREAKY tonight!"

Hmm, not exactly what you want to hear while watching surgeons talk about the latest in children's medical technology, though it might jive with the shot I got in surgery the other day. My friend Wade calls it the "alien belly shot" because it shows a child's belly, extended and lit from inside while a 4 armed robot operates inside him via remote control. Wade wouldn't let me include that shot in the final video, calling it, "great material for our future movie."

Apparently, there is either another computer issue, or someone is playing a trick on me, because now every third selection I open starts with the same music and graphic announcement. I'm hoping my daughter is sound asleep in her loft overlooking my office.

Not to fear. There is plenty of other good stuff on the dvds. In fact, the freaky Producers Pack 1 PALES in comparison to the incredible jingles on these cds. Jingles complete with generic LYRICS (and tubas).

I called Aaron and started singing one to him and he FINISHED THE SONG, so, obviously, they are effective jingles.

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