Wednesday, January 16, 2008

AHOPE, needs list

Those who know me well know how much I love carting donations to places I visit. I start "the pack" weeks in advance. I have big, lightweight luggage so I can cram in a full 50 pound loads. I'm Queen Duffle-stuffer. And I adore my silver medalion status on Delta because with it, I can tote even more internationally.

This week I've been holding a carrot to encourage me to edit. I get to start packing for my Feb 7th flight to the Dominican Republic as soon as I log 12 hours of footage. Today is that day, hurrah!

So, I was even more excited today to get a letter from my friend Lisa, detailing the needs of AHOPE orphanage for hiv positive children in Ethiopia. I've visited AHOPE three times, and I can promise you, you give to God when you give needed items to these children.

If you love collecting things to give, like current medical books, craft supplies, toddler boys' clothing and more, please read this post!