Monday, February 11, 2008

One day old

Day one breathing air for Mia. Jenn's medicine had not worn off in the morning, so when I went back to the hospital to see them, she was feeling pretty good. The baby is perfect. She is nursing steadily, and she knows her daddy's voice.

I laughed last night when we turned on the tv in the Jenn's room. Mia's first sport on tv was cock fighting. Not something you see on tv in the Carolinas. They fought to the death, not like most of the fights I've seen on the streets where they fight until one chicken runs away, or a passing motorcycle breaks up the crowd, giving the roosters a chance to regroup. The owner of a "chicken" rooster might get his head thumped by jeering spectators. I have this on tape somewhere, I'll try and dig it out. It is something you should see to appreciate.

Mia Grace has arrived