Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My brother is going to Tokyo. All expenses paid, to compete in the international competition for the game, Metal Gear Online 4, that he has been playing lately.

I'm re-thinking my whole frequent flier strategy and wondering if I should take up gaming as my new "cheap travel" method. Previously, I gave up video games after weeks of frustration over not being able to complete a single screen of Pac Man. But, some of this skill must be genetic, right? I just need to learn to tap in.

Here's some info(!) from
This summer, GameBattles is proud to host the North American Qualifying leg of the Metal Gear Online World Championship, which will offer the two winning teams a trip to Tokyo, Japan!
. . . . both teams will be flown to Tokyo, Japan on or about October 8th -12th in order to battle it out with gamers from across the globe in the Metal Gear Online World Championship at the Tokyo Game Show! In addition to the winning a trip to Japan, there is $8,000 in cash and additional prizing from Konami up for grabs for the winners of the North American Qualifiers! Competition is sure to be fierce!

I'm realizing as I type this that I don't know how to properly format the name of a video game. Is it in italics or underlined like a book? Or in quotes like an article? My gut says think of it like a film, which is notated like a book title. I think. When I was in school, one gave Pac Man proper credit by just capitalizing the first letter of each word . . . not that any teacher wanted to see an arcade game mentioned in homework. I guess those proff's didn't imagine a world where your thumb power could entice sponsors to fly you around the world.

Travel is the finest form of education, wouldn't you agree?