Monday, April 07, 2008

Click to Donate

Do you get emails with subject lines reading: Free Food, just click!

If so, I'd love it if you would take my quiz on the right. I'm really curious about these sites. If you click, WHY do you do it? Why do we take time to click on a site, and then play a game or answer a quiz, so someone else will donate 5 cents?

My gut tells me that a lot of people click.

I click.

But, I know from experience that not as many people make a committment to say, sponsor a child. Or two. Even when confronted with the child's meals for a week vs. one cup of Starbucks, people (like me) struggle to make the BIG commitment of $1 each and every day.

I'm guessing the sites make ad dollars on the number of hits, and the savvy ones that keep you there taking a quiz up their ad revenue because the people who visit stay on the site longer.

Is clicking one time throwing a nickel in the fountain outside the children's hospital, or is it something more?

If you are someone who gives time this way, by clicking or using a search engine that helps people, or by accessing Amazon through your favorite charity's website, how do you remember to keep going back and click? Do you commit to doing it over time, do you make it a habit? If not, why not? Why click at all if only one time?

I'm looking forward to discussing this, thanks for commenting!

Oh, and if you want to start clicking, here are some recent "click me" sites I've received:

Feed Rice
Help Sponsor a Child
Use This Search Engine (Google powered) to Help Charity
World Food Programe
Help a Farmer
Feed People in India