Saturday, January 26, 2008

Whew, it's over

David's company, ACS, is pulling out the last of the Obama and Edwards gear and my kids can't wait to see their daddy at home.

I just took Alden by the Obama victory party to see the uplink trucks. There were 40 or so in the parking lot. I get a rush walking by trucks, mostly feature movie trucks, but uplink trucks spark me a bit, too. Alden must not have felt it. He told me he was feeling a "little tired." I'm sad he didn't get the "truck rush" but, it is still good that he was there, because tonight South Carolina wrote a new chapter in her history.

Inside, the show was coming down. One of the union guys saluted my camera, and I laughed, so it is blurry - probably for the best.

Harry Palmer is the tallest person I know. I've heard his wife is exactly 1/2 his height. She volunteers as a lawyer for the ACLU and I've wanted to meet her for years but never have had the pleasure. I just want to see a woman that can put up with Harry. The first time I met him, he bellowed - Harry's voice is always at least 6 decibels above any other sound - something about ACS, referring to it as Anti-Christ Sound. I'm sure just to get under David's skin. Didn't work. David is not easily ruffled, and he likes Harry. I do to. I've always held a sneaking suspicion he's got a heart of gold.

When David read this blog entry, he got to the part about Harry's voice and commented, "Yeah, 6 db above ANY sound -- jet engines, for example." Tomorrow, I hope David sleeps half the day before starting the craziness of putting things away and dividing/returning all the rental gear.