Saturday, August 25, 2007

Child Labor

All is crazy at the house as we prepare to make television spots next week, advertising the merits of preparing for a pandemic influenza outbreak of all things. One scene takes place in an art class, so the kids were hard at work last night making their "shirts look like smocks" as Lydia said. This was an early photo. The wildness was just too much to photgraph later on. I hope they don't charge me overtime pay for the late hour.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Attempt at taking a family photo

It is almost midnight. In a few hours, I take the kids to school. It is Alden's first day at school in the States, and Sarah's first day in a public school. I'm exhausted thinking about getting kids to a school one hour before we normally wake up - FIVE days a week! Alden has to take a potted plant and a framed photo. Guess when that all started happening? Ten pm. I've repotted a plant we bought at IKEA near Washington DC this afternoon on the way home from Pennsylvania. And, we tried to get a photo with all of us in it last night at David's birthday party. Yes, as usual, Zion is wearing someone else's shoes - she does not have freakishly big feet, and yes, it was challenging to get them to stay in roughly one place and it is sort of in and out of focus as a result. I can't get the photo to print without stretching all of us, so David has decided it is fine, it makes us look skinny, so I'm going to bed. We actually planned to attempt a cool pose like this one on my friend Chris' blog HA!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ft Benning shoot

Tim, sound man extraordinaire, got some fun photos at our shoot in Ft. Benning with the ultimate fighter guy, Matt somebody, I can't remember his name, but he was nice and could really fight. They don't kid around with that stuff. My favorite part, though, was when the military guys were screaming at Matt and his brother Mark when they went though the obstacle course, "YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK!!!!"