Sunday, June 01, 2008


Sarah, our journalist, wrote today's post.

For my mom’s b-day we went camping at Dreher Island. It took us an hour to get there.
First we set up our tents and put our sheets and bed stuff out. Lydia (my friend) and I slept in a small tent. We used water floats for our mattresses. My mom my brother and my sister slept in the big tent. My dad slept in the van. We all used fans because it was hot. The first night it was sorta hard to go to sleep because we kept hearing these weird noises and a raccoon came to visit our garbage.

During our camping trip we took a hike in the woods and played hide in seek. At nighttime we made smorz.

We went swimming a lot! Where we went swimming was very fun it was very shallow and then it got deeper. We skipped stones and I skipped some four times! My record.

At the edge of the water we found clay that the Indians used and made pinch pots out of them. My mom found a crystal in the water while we were there. My favorite thing that we did was making the pinch pots, swimming, skipping rocks, and taking showers in the bathroom (it felt good). My favorite meal was the dinner and breakfast.

I hope we go camping there again some time!

How does my garden grow?

Mom was here last week on her way to pick up my brother Daniel at college.

Mom has more than a green thumb, she has an entire green hand.

To the elbow.

So, I took her out to show her our garden and asked her about the beans. See, the beans are taking over. And, they keep growing taller and taller and taller. And they really don't look very beanlike, which was my concern. Seems like they'd have some tendrilly things and some little flowers by now, maybe even a tiny bean pod. I mean, they are more than 2 feet tall already, I'd like to see my future side dish happening.

Mom saw them and said something disturbing. My hyper healthy wunda-plants are not beans . . . they are sunflowers.

I did not plant sunflowers.

I planted beans.

And carrots. Of which there are 4.

And lettuce, which apparently likes the shade of the beans . . . er, sunflowers. Or, did, until we went out of town camping this weekend and it shriveled into nothingness from two days sans water.

The big, TALL question is, why are there sunflowers taking over the garden?

I think the answer is sitting in a cage under our carport. The real force behind all the work that has gone into our garden is furry, and is making sure that she benefits from the use of her fertilizer.

And, Bunny likes sunflower seeds.

Though, apparently, she doesn't digest them too well!