Wednesday, May 09, 2007

9 hours to take off

In less than 6.5 hours we head to the airport. Had a fantastic time hanging out with friends Laura and Brian, who have a precious Ethiopian son, and Mindi and Butch, whose family will head to Ethiopia any day and get a sister and brother for their two birth children. I can hardly believe we are almost on our way.

VERY thankful to a dear friend who gave us some good sleeping pills, which are the plan for the Dallas to Korea flight. If we sleep the 7 hours they are good for, it will be the first seven in a row we've had in many weeks.

Also tried out our skype (cinegirlsc if you are a skype user) and found we can talk and video to Mom and Zion. I hope this helps Zion not feel so separated from us. Honestly, David, Sarah and I are having a tougher time with it than Zion. She is just thrilled to be with "ga-mah."

As of this afternoon, we did not know what we were doing once our plane landed in mainland China - no hotel, no guide info, nada. It was a bit disconcerting. But, tonight we got the phone number for the agency person in Nanjing. I feel better now.

David is at 2:15 left in his Jazz b-ball game, so he is happily winding down. Laura posted pictures of the evening on her blog: