Monday, January 04, 2010

personality test

I took a personality test through my dad's company, Peoplefit. It's about as much fun to take as chewing off a finger, but the results are pretty thorough. Evidently, I orient myself to my environment, and achieve a feeling of stimulation and self actualization through personal growth opportunities. So, I guess that's why I actually finished the test, despite hating pretty much every minute of the process.

At first, the results proved a bit depressing. I don't tend toward many things that look like typical work. I don't like to be managed unless given tremendous autonomy, I hate clerical work, I'm terrible with details, I'm not good at giving people feedback, I'm about as non-traditional as is humanly possible, I don't go out of my way to react in the proper way in social situations, I don't care about being exact and correct and I'll dodge confrontation like a kid hiding spinach. God knew I should not be born a royal.

Oh, and I tend towards little to no self discipline.

My absolute worst fear is boredom. I think this is true, because the last time I (vividly and excruciatingly) remember being bored was late August, 1986.

The test actually states that I am not a good role model. Info that might have been good to know before adopting four kids. Fortunately for them, there is David.

On the other hand, I'm good at sitting around and talking with people - as long as those people are self starters and not needy.

I'm tolerant. Extremely so when not under stress.

I tend toward artistic work.

I like to work in teams where the team members focus on "mutual and reciprocal commitment to goals and objectives."
Obviously, this is what we do in film, so good fit there.

I love change and will make change "whether necessary or not." I think that part is pretty accurate, since I'm again figuring out how to convince David to move to another country for a year. Poor guy.

I like to be in charge and I like to inspire people.

So, on closer look, there is some hope beyond drinking coffee while creating macrame sculptures and communing with friends. Perhaps some how I can make money.

Perhaps as an advertising exec. Or, maybe a cult leader.
Or a paid traveler who likes to shoot film?

Or, maybe, a professional reality show celebrity. Here is a piece of trial audition number one: