Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dominican Ice Skating

Zion and I (Heidi) are in the Dominican Republic this week. We are staying in the Maria Auxiliadora barrio in La Vega where TEARS headquarters some of it's works, such as a school for very poor kids that can't go to public school. Yesterday I went to the doctor to have an mri on my knee. I asked my friend Clara, who lives next door to where we are staying, to keep Zion for me. I warned her that Zion gets into things, but, like most people, she underestimated Zion's potential for doing the unexpected.

Anyway, Clara comes out of her room to find Zion and her one year old, Gaby, skating barefoot in the main room. They were sliding around on a layer of icy hot that Zion had found by the computer and then spread all over the floor. They were quite happy about it.

I think this is a revolution - Jamaican bobsledders, watch out.

My friend Ruth, a doctor from the Netherlands, is here with us on this trip. She is examining some of the older people in the barrio. Here on the right, she is looking at Moreno's feet. She wants to make sure they are okay because he has diabetes.

The other shot is of Ruth standing in our friend Bau's doorway. I call his place the Bauhaus.