Monday, June 30, 2008

Catch Up

So much has happened the past week. Tough photo shoot in NC, near VA, but it was fun to get to use my 12,000 watt light. Lugging it around did make me realize how out of shape I am!

Highlight of the trip was spending time with the McDuffie's and seeing Faith's beautiful new home. Faith's husband Simon, finally here from England, then came down to our house to help with the News Boys' concert. The end of the concert was fun - the drummer's platform lifted on it's side and spun. I thought it must be nice to be in a band and make part of your act riding a tilt-a-wheel.

Also at our home is Elias, in from the Dominican Republic. If you know him, you know we are laughing constantly, especially when he answers calls from beach condo salespeople.