Saturday, November 25, 2006

Jumping in the Leaves

I remember the joy of jumping into piles of crunchy leaves when we raked the yard with Dad. Had not thought of it much until today when Mom said she was going to take the kids out to jump in the leaves. It only seemed like a nice idea because I was reading Davita's Harp and it would be much easier to do so sans Zion.

I went out at the chapter's end to photograph the leaf leapers and Sarah asked me to join in. As usual, my response was no. I didn't want to further injure my messed up knee, I was happy standing, I didn't want to get dirty.

Then, my MOM dropped right down into the pile behind Zion.

When did I become the stick in the mud???

The leaves smelled good, and Sarah later told me I had one stuck in my hair.