Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Elias is here this month from the Dominican Republic. Shorter people in the house are bummed he'll be leaving soon, and it will be back to just us booring parents. "Uncle Elias" is much more fun. He rides bikes with Alden, plays cards with Sarah and princess Zion actually listens to him.

I'm bummed he's leaving because he's great to have around and he can't sit still, so he's constantly looks for projects, and it's fun to see what he comes up with to work on. Last time he was here he volunteered to paint Sarah's new bedroom, and this time he's been spending a lot of time in our boat. One of these days we will get it into water, but I have a feeling it may be on his next trip over, as it still lacks seats.

David is going to miss him because Elias beats him at online poker every night. Okay, maybe David won't miss the sore throat he gets from yelling "YOU LUCKY DOG!!!" all the time.

This Saturday, Elias and I plan to go yard "sale-ing" early and then he and David are going to a Carolina football game, compliments of my friend Wade. Then, we are going to cook Dominican beans and rice. I tried it the other night and he gave me some pointers, so I've asked him to walk me through it. One of these days I WILL master that dish!