Monday, June 09, 2008

Studying in the heat

In light of prices for EVERYthing going through the roof, we've been trying not to turn on the AC.

As a result, our living room reached 96 degrees one day last week. I felt like we'd been transported back to the Dominican Republic. Yesterday we went for a four mile walk with Alden's Sensei and went to a bookstore afterwards just to cool down before coming home.

Today I decided we needed to work at a cooler 85, since we are doing school and it is hard to concentrate when sweat is dripping on the paperwork. So, we turned on the AC and then discovered it is leaking under the carpet. So, we turned it back off.

But, the kids still had a productive day. Alden made a store, with products alphabetized on every shelf. He would not let me pay with a credit card, so we ended up doing quite a bit of math. He did let Sarah pay with a check, though, as long as she showed id.

Sarah finished up her mini report on clipper ships - including a nice painting of an early clipper.

And Zion, well, Zion stayed busy as only Zion can. She drew faces on paper plates and took over a few shelves at Alden's Grocery Store.