Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Artisans in the House

Only two days into this week and we are ART heavy. Monday we got together with our friends at Studio Campfire to get the kids' art ready for the State Fair. I'm excited about both Sarah and Alden's pieces. Sarah did a neat piece called "Dancing Henna" which featured a hand covered in henna, and the henna moving off the hand to surround it in the picture. Alden's work is a montage of school work in both Chinese and English, over which he decoupaged colored tissue paper in symbolic Chinese and USA flags, and then topped those with a large word in Chinese, made from strips of black paper.

In other art news, today was art class at Excelsior (30 mintues for Alden, two hours for Sarah), at the Tuesday homeschoolers program. They are both working on coats of arms since their focus this year at Excelsior is the Middle Ages.

And, tonight Alden worked on sanding and painting his pinewood derby car for Royal Rangers at church.

We have high hopes for the State Fair this year, especially since David brought home some earnings last year. I couldn't decide on a photo I liked, so I'm sitting this one out. I need to find some photos for the upcoming auction in Denver for Children's Heaven, and I planned to look for both a fair entry and auction photos simultaneously, but nothing is jumping out at me.