Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Class Adventures

Great classes this week so far. Monday we went to Columbia, to the Marionette Theater, where Lyon and Kimi enthusiastically shared puppet making and set design secrets with us. Then, we measured the studio at Media that Matters for a project we are designing for them. They just bought a RED camera, so the students drooled on that for a bit.

Dennis, of Media that Matters, took us to meet an eccentric set designer at his eclectic home. He has an amazing collection of movie stills and art, and while showing us one of his projects, he shot fire out of his finger tips. And no, I'm not making this up.

We also popped into the F-stop, my friend Aaron's new business, after eating some good food at El Burrito. Later, we took a tour of the production offices of the movie Nailed, some good advice from a set dresser and a tour of their art warehouse. We also learned about casting from Tona, and got great input from Lauren in the production office (thanks Lauren, for lining everything up at Nailed - you ROCK).

Drooling continued today with food stylist Cynthia, who showed us how to make fake ice cream. Anthony enjoyed mixing it by hand, and Taylor envied Jon's waffles with melted butter. They look toasted, but are actually just painted to look that way! This class was GREAT.

Wine in the Dishwasher

My friend Jonathan has graciously opened his home to me while I teach in Charleston. I love spending time with Jonathan, Jenny and Georgia (say those names three times fast), eating and watching bad tv to Jonathan's smart ass (and exceptionally funny) commentary.

One night last week Jenny brought home pizza, which she served with wine. When Jonathan opened the wine "cabinet" I cracked up. I honestly think they had no idea why I was laughing until I got my camera and demanded a photo.