Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I dedicate this post to Robert

And I will tell you why as soon as he finishes helping me fix my editing computer.

Except, that may be tomorrow because he lives in a developing country and I think his power just went off because I lost contact . . . .

Okay, bad news. Robert says I have to dump everything off my computer, go buy a new hard drive, put it in and completely rebuild everything. David thinks we should buy Robert a plane ticket to come do it for us and I agree. I wonder if he can be here by tomorrow?

Robert is one of the smartest people I have met in my entire life. Once, he fell for a girl who could only speak English, so he taught himself English in like two months so he could talk to her. You would NEVER know that he has not lived here for years, yet he has never even visited the States. He actually lives in a ghetto, because he works for a ministry, and we all know how they pay:). Anyway, when you go to his house, you find all sorts of computer parts everywhere - well, that has changed a bit since he got married, now they are more or less stacked up. But, you can picture it, I'm sure.

Walk inside and find that he is likely talking to a friend, chatting with ten people on line while translating a book and fixing a laptop. At the same time, there is a video playing in the background teaching him to program in some computer language mere mortals like us have NEVER heard of, and he is absorbing it while he does all this other stuff. He also enjoys basketball, is married to one of the most beautiful woman on earth and has a cutie of a daughter and another on the way. His favorite snack is Jelly Belly jelly beans.

So, if you have a computer emergency, and happen to be able to get in touch with Robert, just promise him some jelly bellys and a video study seminar on the merits of programming in Perl or Fortran, and you may just be in luck. But, don't expect me to help you find him. I'm even keeping the country he is in a secret. But, this I will say. You know Wade, the computer guru in Kim Possible? The guy behind the plan to out think the villains? Yep, entire character sketch based solely on Robert.