Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's going to be a long night

And, I'm not going to make it - my bed is calling me. Watching Super Tuesday returns is even better than scanning the Super Bowl to see the ads.

This election is more interesting than any I remember since I voted for the first time at age 17. People who were 18 by November could vote in the NC primary caucus way back then . . . back in the time of global cooling.

Obviously I'm too tired to be writing.

This is crazy!

When Jennifer and Luis asked me to come to the Dominican Republic for the birth of their first child, I was thrilled. But, as the time draws close, I have to say I'm scared. I'm not afraid of being at the hospital, or seeing blood, or hearing Jenn scream at Louis.

Nah, I can handle that stuff.

But, when Jenn told me the hospital they chose is in the capital, 2 hours away, I freaked a bit. Then, she explained that our friend Joy would drive her to the hospital. Okay, Joy lives in Santiago, which is 1/2 hour from La Vega, where Jenn lives. So, we are talking 2.5 hours MINIMUM from phone call to hospital arrival.

Yes, this is Jenn's first baby, so labor should should take awhile, right?

I hope so. The other challenge is Carnaval. Jenn was awakened to that fact last weekend when a parade announcing Carnaval drummed under her window at SIX am.

This is my mental picture. Jenn's water breaks on a Sunday morning. We call Joy. Joy makes it to La Vega in record time. We pile into the car and start the trip to Santo Domingo. Then, we are waylaid by a hoard of demons in the street. Jenn tells us the baby is coming. Joy honks the horn and moves through the demons. Then, Jenn screams that the baby is coming NOW! We have to pull over.

I'm going to stop now, because this is as far as I've let my imagination go. Remember, I have three kids, all of whom I gave birth to with wallet pangs, not labor pains!

Can anyone recommend a book on how to deliver a baby in a car during a parade of drunk demons whose job it is to run around and beat people with sand filled cow bladders? I want to have that with me when I leave here Thursday.

Imagine if this was the first thing you saw when you arrived?

My Family

Life is good.