Saturday, January 20, 2007

Shooting at my house

Least you see the broken front window when you drive by and think I'm talking about someone shooting AT my house, let me clarify. Last weekend we shot two scenes for some spots at my house. Here are a few of the pics taken by Jonathan, our sound mixer extraordinaire.

Though the block of photos below makes it look like I actually worked, the block above is the reality of it all: Anthony (Boom guy) toasting Phydeaux the cat, Katie (Art girl) sleeping and Jillian (Script girl) keeping the director in line.

The last photo is my favorite. Phydeaux, second AC (assistant camera), and Lynn, first AC. Phydeaux continually wanted to help load the film, because it is done in this cool looking tent. However, cat hairs tend to do bad things to the film, so we moved him to craft service (snack prep)

All went well, save a large stand crashing through one of the front windows. I told David the last night that I enjoyed having the shoot at home. His reply: "yea, it was kind of like coming home and finding out there had been a frat party at the house while I was gone. There was even a Styrofoam cup in my bathroom sink.'

At this point I realized we had a problem. Someone dared venture into David's bathroom. Frightening. I am not making this up when I say that David cleans his bathroom every six months. And, to do it, he rolls a power washer alongside the house and puts the hose part through the bathroom window. And, we are closing in on six months, so you can imagine. No girls living here go near this room. I would not be surprised if the person who left the cup in the bathroom did so when fleeing for his life. I can only hope he is okay and won't have some sort of nasty repercussions from the experience.