Monday, April 21, 2008

Tornado update

Updating the link below, I just got this from Tracy, who lives downstairs from Rosemary and Obed.
I just talked to Rosmary... she was putting Zion to bed when half of the roof tore off (the part where he was laying down)... so she moved him to the covered part of the house and put clothes on him... she thought that was all that was going to happen.. But the second the other part of the roof started to lift up she grabbed her baby and ran down the stairs across the street to Victoria's house.... seconds after she got down safely the other part of the roofing came off hit the railing, fell on the stairs she went down, and then a number of cement clocks fell right where she had just walked... So glad they're safe!.

Here is a picture of the stairs where pieces of the roof and blocks fell.

If you would like to help Rosemary and Obed replace their lost household items, clothing and baby supplies, please click on this link. You may click "Give Now," and then, under "select one," designate your gift to "Colombia Worship" and it will go directly to Obed and Rosemary (and baby Zion). If you want to mail things to them, please email me at hmcine at yahoo dot com.

My bathroom is a nuclear waste site

David used to be a health safety officer in the military, with a special nuclear something or other rating. His job was to test radiation exposure at the hospital, and run a sound company on the side while pretending to be a full time military officer.

Anyway, today I had to get this test where I was injected with glowing-yellow-nuclear-something so they could track it through my body. David gave me this long explanation the other night of how it works, and nuclear half lives, and how there is this huge debate, basically over the proper disposal of my pee, which today contains nuclear waste.

Then, today, after the test, I went out to eat with David and the guys from ACS. I arrived first, and then they walked in. David was in front, carrying a big, yellow Geiger counter. Well, actually a radiation survey meter, called an ion chamber. It got a few looks.

Why does he own this? I have no idea. But, it may come in useful to check the bathroom.