Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This man is amazing.

David stood next to me and kept asking the kids this morning if we looked 14. Maybe it was because I was up editing all night, but I could not figure out what he was talking about.

He had to explain. It's so sad, because I am terrible with anniversaries. I completely missed our first one.

Then, our second one.

I've probably missed more since then, but, I don't remember. I'm terrible with dates. I really do think about our anniversary during this time of the year, and I think it is neat that we've been best friends for 14 years, but the actual DAY never seems to register.

So, in honor of my long suffering husband, David, I thought I would post 14 reasons why we are perfect together.

14. We have complimentary understandings of physics. David's morning laws of space and time are unique. Prior to 11am, he is convinced that it takes 30 minutes to get up, take a leisurely shower, dress, get 3 kids fed/ready/in the car and arrive at church/school/work/the beach/Amsterdam on time. However, when he cooks at night, ALL meal segments appear on the table simultaneously. This magical space/time balance does not exist in my world.

13. We respond to suggestions of travel with the same two or four letter words.
"Honey, do you care if I go to Afganistan next week?"
answer: "ok" or "sure"

12. We have patience to support a dual platform household. He likes [virus ridden and annoying] PCs, and I favor [far superior] Macs.

13. We share humor that only we understand.

12. I support his invention ideas, such as the plastic freezer tester.

11. He supports my addiction to the Sitina Google group.

10. We call each other on cell phones, while in the same house. Often.

9. We both despise communism.

8. We dislike washing dishes and love that our kids fold all the laundry.

7. We like Steve Taylor's song lyrics.

6. We enjoy photography. I shoot for love and money, David for love and fame.

5. Somehow, in spite of ourselves, we ended up with 3 pretty neat kids.

4. We understand each other's unusual work schedules.

3. We favor booking hotels in close proximity to an IKEA.

2. We can discuss religion and politics and not get mad at each other.

1. He laughed when I surprised him a few years into our marriage by engraving his wedding ring -- with the wrong date.

I love you, David! Happy Anniversary!

A film I made

I found this on You Tube.

It is a short film I made a long time ago.