Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ants in My Pants

So, last night, I put on my pajama pants to keep the mosquito bites to a minimum even though it is FREAKING hot here. About 15 seconds later I start screaming and pull off my pants - in front of the window - because my thighs are ON FIRE. I shake the pants out and like 1000 fire ants drop out all over the floor. My friend Jennifer is laughing hysterically - then hyperventilating - not helping me AT ALL.

Maybe it is because I laughed at her when we were in the jungle in Suriname and she was squatting to pee and fire ants started crawling up her leg and she was dancing around, peeing and screaming, and yelling at me to turn off the video camera.

She says pay back is sweet.

I was too scared to use my pillow, because it was near where my pants were and it was too dark to see if the ants were there.