Thursday, May 17, 2007

All Boy!

Peng is all boy, let me tell you. I obviously have never had a boy, though Zion comes close. Today we took the kids to a play place inside a store. There was this kiddie car that you could ride down a ramp that was like 18" tall at the highest point. Peng loved it. Next thing David notices is him up in the play area - picture one of those McDonalds things, carrying the car through this tube up over us. We hear a terrific CRASH! The child tried to ride the little car down the big corkscrew slide.

Gotta love it.

Here is one of my three sweeties here in China. We took a photo of Sarah with Ronnie when we adopted her. I really can't stand McDs, but it has a picture menu, and it is easier to play charades there than in, say the sidewalk cafe where the dumplings hold things you may not wish for, but you can't tell by looking at the outside of them. We will brave the Chinese food again tomorrow, but tonight was ice cream and fries and corn. Yes, corn is the default McD's side item, not fries.