Monday, May 26, 2008

Chinese Food

I should be sleeping as it is 2am. But, I actually took a nap today. I was driving home with the kids from the Chinese school end of year party at Dreher Island. Then, when I woke up, I opened all the windows and turned up the music. I don't know why I was so tired, and it was probably a one second nap, but it scared me enough that when I got home, I went to bed. And, I couldn't get up an hour later for dinner. I didn't wake up until midnight, and I laid there until now when I decided it was good blog time.

We enjoyed Dreher Island enough that we are thinking of going camping there in the near future. There are these nice villas I would like to rent, but we will probably go with the cement pad by the water instead.

We had a good bit of time to look around because we arrived at the lunch party at noon and could not find it. We drove around the state park forEVER, looking for Chinese people at all 14 pavilions. Then, we went to the visitors center and the lady told us pavilion #4 was reserved by someone named Li. We drove the road that said pavilions #3 and #4, parked, and saw that one was empty, so we walked down into the woods to the other one, where Chinese people were cooking all sorts of delicious smelling things right on the tables. We commented on the great smells and said we were sorry to be late and looked for a place to sit while Zion began grabbing whatever food she could reach.

Then, I realized there were no other kids.

And then, I realized I didn't recognize anyone.

And then I realized these people didn't look exactly Chinese.

Turns out they were Korean.

And they were very confused.

And their last name was Lee.

And our party was at 2:30 (though the food didn't show up until 3:30), over at the next pavilion, reserved by Li.

We were VERY hungry by then, as evidenced by the photo above.