Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Passport for Nebiyu

I'm strongly considering taking Nebiyu to Ethiopia next month.

Ordered his passport today - after standing in line yesterday only to find out they require photocopies of drivers' licenses now with the paperwork. Yes, I was thinking the same thing . . . how can a 7 year old submit his driving license? Well, he can't, but both parents can (and this is not on the UPDATE poster), and - I know this is shocking - they don't have a copy machine at the post office.

Government efficiency.

Is there any private business out there that could put a coin operated copy machine in the post office?

Today they added that he must to have a social security number, too. I said none of my other kids needed that for a passport and asked if it was a new requirement. She basically said Nebiyu's birth would get put in file 13 for about ten years if she even decided to mail it in for us.

I could tell David was NOT going back to the post office! So, we called the passport office and they said "just put in all zeros."