Sunday, July 06, 2008


We found this shot of Elias, dressed as a clown to celebrate Sarah's 6th birthday in David's photo archives.

When we lived in the Dominican Republic, because we had daily contact with Elias, we taught Sarah an important truth,
"if Elias is talking, Elias is lying."

Well, he lulled me into forgetting this trip, until today, when he emailed me his flight schedule, saying he thought he missed his flight. It took me 15 minutes of checking on line and looking at flight schedules to realize he had changed the times before emailing it to me.

Today he is packing to go home. There is hardly room for his clothes amidst the pop tarts and cheese crackers he plans to share with his girlfriend when he gets home - an attempt to make up for not calling her his first 40 hours here.

Truthfully, we'll miss him, maybe because he cooked up some wonderful food last night, or maybe because he can keep up with Zion, or that Alden loves him, or that he painted Sarah's bedroom (there was NO coorsion on my part, truly), but probably just because we like him. But, shhhh, don't tell him I said that!