Friday, July 11, 2008

India day 2 with Mimi

I really love India. I remember feeling this way last time I was here, and it is the same this time. I can't put my finger on what it is, but it is an easy place to be and the people are lovely. And, the tea and food are fabulous.

Today we spent the majority of our day at the orphanage with Mimi and the other children. We stayed with the children in school - the school that operates on the grounds - for an hour and were amazed at how well behaved the children were. The orphanage is peaceful and quiet, and the children seem loved. Five or so children share a room with a house mother who is there every day and night with them. There is a cafeteria, a garden, a playground with swings and an indoor play room. There are classrooms for the younger children and for the older ones with special needs. Children with hiv, for instance, are not accepted into the community and must attend school at the orphanage. I was saddened by this, obviously.

I will see if the internet lets me post now, and then I will attempt to write more. Right now Sarah and Mimi are in Brian's room listening to music and playing with nail polish. A big hit with Mimi was the doodle pad. She seems more of a book and art girl than a sporty girl, and she reminds me in many ways of Sarah, in her thoughtfulness and the way she observes things.