Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas 2007, part a

There are many photos to cull before I can properly present Christmas. But, this is one that stands out. My parents gave the kids scooters this year. Zion insisted on wearing her Lighting McQueen helmet, even though it didn't really fit over her hair baubles. She loves all things related to the movie "Cars." Some mornings, when she is sitting in her high chair, she gets this really serious look on her face and says, "I. am. speeeed!"

You have to have seen the movie to truly appreciate. My kids saw it 366 times.

Why has this been on my desk?

Some things about the clean up make me really question myself. Why, for instance, did these four items take up space on my desk for a year? The flames, created by my brother Glenn are going on my camera body this week (check out ebay for your own set, including some big flames for bigger items such as mixing bowls, You can find them by searching "EZ Flames"). But what is the right thing to do with two fake eyeballs? And why did I have TWO different fake eyeballs on my desk? And just what does this mystery key open?