Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Cows seem content here.

My biggest faux pax (that I'm aware of, anyway) was related to cows. We stopped at McD's on the way back from the Taj, in an effort to disuade our guide from taking us to yet another expensive tourist trap. It was nuts and overwhelming and since I don't frequent Mickey D's, I was not comfortable with the menu. Sarah ordered a chicken kids meal and I couldn't figure out the menu, so I just said, "I'll just have a hamburger." The guy looked at me blankly. "Just beef," I clarified. The man's eyes widened and Brian caught my attention from his spot in line behind me, "I don't think they serve cow here."

I felt so . . . stupid American.

I do have to say that if they served the veggie burgers here that I got that day, we'd actually go to McDonalds.

The Taj

It's everything you've heard. A jewel. I suspected it was a mirage, until I touched the cool marble, inlaid with onyx and jasper, and ran my fingers across the carved flower designs.

Next to it sits a mosque of multicolored sandstone.

We caught a special moment between to friends. As they posed for a photo, he dropped to his knees and started fishing in his pocket for something. I began snapping from where I was standing, and then Brian encouraged me to go get good shots for them. Kimberli (who said yes, btw) was completely caught off guard. Fun to see. Considering the story of the Taj Mahal, I can see why he chose that spot.


The streets looked different from this height than they did walking or peering out from under a rickshaw roof.