Saturday, October 11, 2008

My brother in Japan

The Japanese have been treating my brother Daniel like royalty and he is thrilled - beautiful hotel room, lots of great food . . . . Last night they played the championship, and Japan won. But, my brother's team came in second place. I was really hoping he would win because they are going to use the people from the winning team as characters in the next game.

Here is the Metal Gear Online website. There is a video somewhere, I'm looking for it . . . .

This is a photo taken of my brother while we were driving from Rome to Sorento, May 2004. As you can see, rather than taking in the breathtaking Italian countryside, my brother is hard at work preparing for this very week, four YEARS in advance. I have to admit, back then I didn't have a full appreciation for where this committment would take him.

Also note my daughter, preparing for her future career, which she assures me will NOT be photography or video!