Monday, August 25, 2008

BlueChoice Health Insurance

So, my insurance company, to whom I pay almost $700 a month for coverage, again started denying claims. They do this periodically to try and weasel out of paying things. Of course, they say that if I would just remember to call once a year and tell them I still want them to pay for things, they won't stop paying for things. My kids were put on at different times, so this "once a year" evidently comes up at different times.

If they need this information to do their jobs (ie, pay claims) why don't they call me? If I need info from a paying client to do her job, I'm able to pick up the phone, right?

And, more importantly, why don't they mail me a letter saying I need to confirm that even though I'm paying without fail each month, I also want SERVICE?

They say they do. The letter is when they reject a claim and I get to go round and round with the doctors office promising them that I do have insurance.

So, I asked how much longer my cobra coverage would last.

"We can't tell you that, ma'am, we won't know until the cancelation letter comes out."