Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sarah's Loft

David has done an amazing job of designing a loft bedroom for Sarah using stuff we have lying around, and a space in the living room we never used. My favorite part so far are the ladders set up as a "wall" at the front and back of the loft.

So, while he's gone, I decided we'd try to get some of the room painted, since painting is not David's thing.

One wall is made of OSB, so it takes a lot of paint, but has wonderful texture. We found a great soft yellow mistint for $5, and were going to use it just as a primer coat, but Sarah and I both like the color so much, it doubled as primer and paint for the wall around her desk. The rest of that wall is blue, and we still need one more coat on the upper half.

Today I sprayed the stairs until I ran out of black paint. The stairs are made from 2 sets of old stage stairs the guys at the shop no longer use. David welded them together, and they fit EXACTLY in the space we have. I found a nice yoga mat for a buck at last week's yard sales. It perfectly matches the blue walls, and cut it into strips to fit each tread.