Monday, January 14, 2008

Absolute Power, anyone?

I was going to write a post on the price of bananas in the Dominican Republic because I was talking to my friend Jennifer there who said the price has tripled since the recent massive rains. Though everyone eats bananas and plantains, the poor literally survive on them. I'd heard an story, I thought on NPR, about a possible serious problem with South/Central American and African bananas last week and went to their site so I could link it. Before I found it, I ran across this sentence:

"the Chinese government announced that as of the end of the year, only government-owned or government-controlled Web sites will be able to post Internet videos. All Web sites containing video must obey a "socialist moral code" or risk being shut down."

Remember how I said the other day not to get me started on Communism? Well, that article got me started.

And, since I'm not going to an un-named communist country again next month as I'd hoped - a country that might post billboards saying things like, oh, "Patriotism or DEATH," and "We will Conquer," I feel a bit more "free" to start a conversation here.

I'd love to hear your personal stories that have shaped your views on communism. Then, I'll share some of mine as well - as long as they don't endanger anyone's life. Because, if you live in a communist country, your life is worth equally as little as anyone else's. Well, except for the pigs, but only because they are more equal.