Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Faces of Joanna

On the left, we see Joanna in her normal Stateside pose - if it is warm - doing never ending taxes for us while talking on line to her fiance in the Dominican Republic.

On the right is Joanna when it gets cold. Cold is defined by any temperature under 73 degrees. Note the long hair to keep drafts off the back of her neck.

And, below, we see what an amazing resemblance Joanna and Zion share!


Since I am posting photos of the family, I want to include dear Sarah.

I wish I could be as single minded in my work as she is about her top passion in the universe,

David WHERE?

This is David.

He is standing where I NEVER thought I would see him. Yes, he is standing smack in the middle of a . . .

coffee shop.

The confusion on his face is genuine. He has no idea how this happened. As you can see, he even purchased a drink - one that cost more than $2 and is in a cup with a name that belies it's size.

Tree Enthusiasm

Zion does not say much.

Correction. Zion talks and sings constantly. But, not necessarily in English.

However, she has a few words she really enjoys. One is water. She shakes and points and shouts "WATER, WATER" whenever we go over a bridge. She can hear and spot airplanes before any of us - and identifies them "AIRPLANE, AIRPLANE!"

"TREE!" is another favorite, which has been fun this Christmas season.

When we unboxed the Christmas tree, David and I were doubled over in laughter as Zion exclaimed "WOW" in 15 syllables, then "TREE! Daddy, TREE!"

We got twice the fun when we turned on the lights.