Monday, March 03, 2008

Seeing an ocean for the first time

My parents have been going to Hilton Head for maybe 20 years, two weeks at the end of every February. Alden heard enough stories about the beach from Lydia and Sarah that he was READY.

Here is his first look at the ocean:

It is a pretty neat moment to share with someone.

Here is Zion's first day at the beach, two years ago, with Grandma. She was saying "woof" to the seagulls.

Back on line

Last week felt a bit like Genesis 1:2.

I seldom get depressed, thankfully, but the combination of the accident at ACS, my friend Ruth Dropper's wreck in Ethiopia, money woes, some medical stuff with the kids and more horrific news from Kenya, news that my friend Rod's son caught dengue, as well as the seemingly never ending saga with my computer, dimmed my voice for a few days.

Despite a frustrating episode of LOST last week, I'm back. Ruth assures me she is okay, and is resting in the Netherlands where I know she will be watched closely by people who love her. Jennifer's baby becomes more adorable by the hour, David and I have passed our 14th anniversary, Kenya has signed a power sharing agreement, and our guy at work is back with only a long scar on his head--no brain damage. Joanna is here at the house and we celebrated her 27th birthday at Hilton Head Island with my parents. Film legislation was introduced at a press conference I attended last week. If passed, it will help SC's film industry. Rod's son is out of the hospital. And, this weekend I get to see two of my favorite friends, Laura and Emily.

I think this week feels more like Genesis 1:3.

Oh, and I charged a new computer on my Am Ex. Sometimes, you just have to reach for the plastic.