Monday, June 16, 2008

I think I'm being mocked

I commented that maybe I wouldn't use as many pillows in the summer since we don't use the air, and it is hot. And this is what greeted me.

I guess when I make the bed, I arrange them so it isn't so obvious.

In other news, Father's Day was nice. Relaxing. The kids made cards. They wanted to make BIG cards, so we used colored file folders.

Then, we put some water in the pool for the first time since Zion arrived in the family. People seem happy about it.

This week is filled with gym camp for Sarah, camp Funtastic for Alden and Zion, and a trip to Vegas tomorrow for David, who says he will play in at least one poker tournament. My hope is to get ahead on some work and get the first haircut I've had in at least six months.