Saturday, April 12, 2008

Today's activities

At 3:00 this morning, I put the finishing touches on my Ethiopia Adoption edit. But, after sleeping a few hours, realized I’m still unsatisfied with the ending, so I’m brainstorming how to rework it tomorrow. There is SO much material, it will eventually have to be a documentary.

We have to get a new passport for Zion and so I took photos of her. Though I can't use it, I love the looking up one.

Also took Zion and Alden to the zoo to see some other local families who’ve adopted kids from China. Too bad Sarah was out of town at a gym meet, as two girls her age attended. We saw a snake - uncaged. Alden, who has been collecting spiders, announced he wanted it. I informed him that we were not allowed to take any LIVINGthing home from the zoo. Whew.

Tonight Alden continued work on his school project about Lian Yun Gang, his city in China, while Zion and David danced together. David wonders if we should enroll her in dance, and I think he’s right, though I cringe at adding one more activity!