Monday, September 24, 2007

Photos for the Fair

I had no idea which photo to enter in the fair, and we had decided we would NOT miss it again this year. So, after a call from David telling me he was pre-registering us, I made up a few titles and am now looking around trying to find shots that will go with them. This one from India was one I remembered liking. The other one has a title called Boat, I think, or China. I'm having more trouble with that one because the shots I like won't crop to the size my printer will print. Of course, the deadline is tomorrow.

I guess this one won't fit either category. One of David's Fair pics is from a one room school in Jarabacoa, DR, so I thought schools were a nice theme. This one is in Kenya. Instead, I ended up printing a boat shot from China. It is in the China blog below. It's okay - I like the people working on the boat, but I am much happier with the Indian tailors. The other is too pastoral, too calm. We'll see what the judges think. They have never liked my work before, so I am not expecting much.

Monday, September 17, 2007

David in the Dominican Republic

Yes, David is out of the country, preparing for the TEARS board meeting. It is a grueling task, as you can see.

Monday, September 03, 2007

the Shoot

So, the big shoot is over. Whew. I just finished getting the living room looking good and David hung a swing for the kids. I had this vision of a cable and ring hanging from the ceiling that I could clip the swing to when they wanted to use it. But, instead, I look over my computer at this:
I must say, beautiful it is not. But, the kids like it. So far today, they have baked a cake, planted a plant, played in the sprinkers, done gymnastics on the beam using all the pillows in the house, played with playdoh and watched a movie. And I had this fantasy of working on my client pitch for Wednesday on my "day off." Jennifer, from the DR, is staying here, and she and David are right now working on TEARS budget stuff. Sounds so fun, I decided to clean under Zion's bed instead of participating. You will be releived that I included no photos of THAT endeavor, though I will admit it took over an hour.The shoot was relaxed. Never before has that happened, so I keep waking at night with hand cluched to my heart in terror that something did go wrong, I just didn't know it. Here are some still grabs from it. The commercials were highly edifying - what to do if the pandemic influenza strikes (that is the flu, for us Southern folks). Talk about making you go home and hide under a clean bed!
Anyway, my friend Jennifer put Lydia up to going over to Wade, the director, and saying (loudly):
Mr. Director, are we all gonna die???It was funny. Then, Alden did this thing that left us puzzling. He grabbed my brother, who was there doing art direction, and literally dragged him up the studio stairs to the actor green room. The door was shut, but he threw it open without knocking and pulled my brother over to the sofa where the pretty Latina actor was sitting. He then sat down with my brother on the sofa, then jumped up, ran out and shut the door behind him. My shy brother was mortified and stuttered to the
actor that he had no idea why Alden had left them alone together and he would be going back to set now. Go figure. Either he thought the actor was lonely, or he realized my brother is the only adult in the family not yet paired up with anyone and thought he should help remedy the situation.