Thursday, June 12, 2008

Family visit

On their way home from Florida, David's sister Debbie and her son David stopped at the house for a few days. Young David is Alden's favorite cousin, and he could hardly wait to see him, and managed to stay awake until they arrived at 11:45 pm - 15 minutes ahead of the schedule Deb had sent me 3 months prior. David gave his sister a hard time for her time calculating skills, and said she was getting a tad rusty. She explained that they had been canoeing in Florida earlier in the day and the canoe overturned in the everglades somewhere and they were soaked and then it rained and somehow that was to blame for their early arrival.

We were back on schedule the next day, with everyone waking up before noon. Highlight of the day was a trip to the river where we braved the current under a bridge to sit and talk with our feet in the water, and then splashed around some rocks and skipped stones. At night the kids played Star Wars Monopoly with David.

The next day we all said we would get up at 7:45 and make it to the zoo by 9. Well, I woke up at 8:35 (alarm late somehow) and we still made it by 9:01. The zoo was great and the kids had a blast feeding a giraffe and lorikeets. Alden declared meercats his new favorite animal and Sarah decided her next report for school will be on koalas. Zion pointed out the "daddy" and "baby" in every habitat and went nuts chasing a fish in the aquarium. I'm convinced the fish was into the game or was just taunting her from the opposite side of the glass.

All in all a wonderful visit - hope we can do it again soon.