Monday, August 25, 2008

BlueChoice Health Insurance

So, my insurance company, to whom I pay almost $700 a month for coverage, again started denying claims. They do this periodically to try and weasel out of paying things. Of course, they say that if I would just remember to call once a year and tell them I still want them to pay for things, they won't stop paying for things. My kids were put on at different times, so this "once a year" evidently comes up at different times.

If they need this information to do their jobs (ie, pay claims) why don't they call me? If I need info from a paying client to do her job, I'm able to pick up the phone, right?

And, more importantly, why don't they mail me a letter saying I need to confirm that even though I'm paying without fail each month, I also want SERVICE?

They say they do. The letter is when they reject a claim and I get to go round and round with the doctors office promising them that I do have insurance.

So, I asked how much longer my cobra coverage would last.

"We can't tell you that, ma'am, we won't know until the cancelation letter comes out."



Bradshaws said...

I have got to stop complaining about our insurance, that is INSANE!! Is this your best choice? What if you say you might go with someone else?
Sorry you gotta deal with these bozo's....
You know, if you owned a drug company, you wouldnt have these issues :-) In fact, if you owned a drug company you wouldnt have any issues!!!!
Sorry if you will now be sitting on hold half the day trying to fix this....

Anonymous said...

This would be very funny if it were not true. I am sorry. I can only imagine how frustrating this is.