Friday, May 09, 2008

Teaching again

At first I was pretty freaked out at the thought of teaching 8 hours a day for two weeks with virtually no prep time. But, this past week has been a lot of fun. The class, at Trident Technical College's film department, focuses on jobs in the art and construction department on feature films and commercials. The students are terrific - creative, energetic, funny and smart - people that I can see working with in the future (if they can learn to be on time!).

We're working today on scenic painting and aging a wood table they built earlier this week out of old pallets.

Yesterday, we met some people at the Army Wives set. Army Wives is a show for Lifetime that shoots here in Charleston. Roger, the person in charge of construction, took a lot of his time to give us a GREAT tour of the sets, and explained to the students how to get a job in set construction. Here they are on a set that is close to completion.


Jennifer Malone Rodriguez said...

I hope your students know how lucky they are to have you for a teacher!!

Lisa & David said...

Dear Heidi,
Last weekend I had the privilege of meeting Hanna Fanta in Denver as she spoke at Luana's home for Emily and our group "Rocky Mountain ET Adoption Group". As I go to Ethiopia to pick up our 2 1/2 yr. old daughter, we will stop by and see Children's Heaven where Hanna has her 40 children. I know you know her very well and I follow your blog as well. What a beautiful woman she is...and such an amazing heart for these girls.

Heidi Mehltretter said...

How exciting! I wish I was going with you. I am going to check out your blog now. There are so many great families in Colorado, I know you will have terrific support when you come home. Thanks for reading my thoughts - so glad you got to meet sweet Hanna.

Jeff Watson said...

If possible, could you let me know the next time you teach a class?