Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Love this House!

Two projects this week have kept me busy from 7:30 am, when I drop the kids at school, until well after midnight each day. I just finished the photos for the Kenya project and am uploading them. Whew. We have to build nine 4x8 foot panels and get them set up in the church foyer for Sunday. The giant photos remind everyone to help support the dorm we are building outside a Nairobi slum, for street kids.

In contrast this week, I’ve been editing at Marvin Chernoff’s fabulous house. Here are some shots of Lydia and Sarah enjoying Marvin’s space.


Anonymous said...

aw, love those girls in that house! allison

EdistoCam said...

Re: The forthcoming Kenya Exhibit on the dorm project outside a Nairobi slum. The 4x8 OSB as a display base for your outstanding photographs is a great way to present such excellent empathetic work. Even in small format your images move the viewer to feel the human experience and struggle always so brilliantly depicted therein. The giant photo display option you’re designed for Sunday will be fantastic.

In addition to your already hard pressed over-the-top-schedule, someday in the not too distant future I hope you will be able to have a one-woman-show of your dynamic still and video work in a gallery in Columbia, and then Charleston, and possibly continue on to Spartanburg as well.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about the theft of your credit card identity in Sin City. Punishment for Identify Theft needs to be much more severe than it apparently is. Identify Theft in tantamount to kidnapping, and even terrorism. Perhaps the statutes and prosecution should be shifted to the Federal level. However the eventual state/federal orientation of law and order, Identify Theft should be categorized as a capital crime and convicted felons should receive capital punishment. Put a few of these thieving, life ruining bastards to death and the wave of this insidious misdeed will come to a screeching halt. The same should also hold true for Child Molestation.


Bradshaws said...

Love the pic of the girls! You could have said you moved into a new house and made us all jealous!!
Fun Shoot!
ps. with as much as you travel, how do you prove identity theft??