Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom's day

Alden woke me up this morning, "Mom, come quick! Close your eyes!" I tripped my way to the kitchen, holding his hands, and was greeted with a lovely breakfast of raman noodle soup and garlic bread, and MANY beautiful presents. I was a bit too tired to get the photos in focus, but you get the idea. I feel blessed.

Camille, who has been watching the kids all week while I've been out of town working, volunteered to host a spend-the-night at her house on Friday, so David and I could go on a date. We missed the kids, honestly, but it was nice to have the house to ourselves - and to sleep through the night.

I asked Camille's husband David if keeping kids overnight was a new method of birth control, and he just laughed. They are truly a wonderful couple!


Anonymous said...

What a blessing for you and David to have a night for just you two! Please give Camille our thanks too for thinking of such a treat. Your Mother's day breakfast must have been a highlight for life! How is garlic bread that early in the morning? I can only imagine....your kids are wonderful! Great Grandma loved her pictures, she sends her thanks and love. Give those wonderful kids a hug and kiss from Grandma.
Lots of love, Mom

Jennifer Malone Rodriguez said...

you have the most precious kids!!!