Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mathari Valley Project

The photos came in, and we managed to get them up in time for our May push to raise money for the street kid dorms, outside the Mathari Valley slums in Nairobi. The first weekend, we raised $3500 toward the project, and this past weekend looked similar. I'm looking forward to seeing our friends from Kenya in a few weeks when they come to speak. These shots are of Debbie, my travel partner to Nairobi, and David, attaching the photos to the triangle pillars that volunteers built. David rigged a tv in one of the pillars that shows a video I shot about the project. Sarah grabbed this photo of me touching up paint on one of the pillars.

Debbie works on all the overseas outreach projects at church, and has terrific ideas of how to motivate people and raise money. For this project, she is "selling" these neat little cinderblocks in exchange for any $100 donation. And, she is organizing a church cookbook. David submitted a recipe for dinner when your wife is out of town. It involves bread, crushed peanut spread and jelly, a paper plate and cup of water.


Bradshaws said...

They look great! Congrats on a job well done :-)
Are all the photos yours? They are beautiful!

Heidi Mehltretter said...

Thanks! Actually, the girl who has the very sad face (from a very sad thing that happened to her) took the photo of the inside of her house. I took many of them, and my friend Debbie took some. It was an amazing two day trip to Kenya for me, sandwiched between another big job. I wish I'd had more time, but I don't think I put either the video or still camera or microphone down the entire two days.