Friday, April 25, 2008

Sin City and Gardening Update

Found out today that apparently someone lifted my Am Ex number, while I was in Vegas. I have the card, but I certainly didn't order $850 worth of supplies on line from Golf Pro. Am Ex does not charge the customer for fraudulent charges, but they still tried to get me to sign up for a $30 a year credit protection plan. Since I pay an arm and a leg for the yearly fee on this skymiles card, I don't see why I need to pay more for a service they already include in my membership. Isn't that part of the whole "membership has it's privileges" routine?

In other news, the garden is progressing. We are growing oats. Oats weren't really in the plan, but, apparently when bunnies eat oats, they don't do a lot of chewing. And, when you use bunny stuff to fertilize the garden, you can grow oats.

There are also the beginnings of lettuce, and we are measuring it's progress. Most of what is growing seems to be located in the valleys, rather than on the rows. I think that means we should have a bumper crop of weeds, grass and oats.

The pear tree also seems happy. I hope we have enough pears this year to can some. I should have pruned the tree, as the weight of the pears always breaks the branches. Mom explained how over the phone, but I think it would be better if she just comes here and helps in person, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Not fair to make your friends tell me to come to prune your pear tree! You know I would love to but it is planting season here too....I spent all day planting many planters and found volunteers from last year, so the progress is slow as I must pot up the volunteers then plan the pots, then plant. Everytime I survey the remainder, they seem to multiply! Kiss my grands for me.
Love you, Mom

Heidi W said...

On Valentine's day this year someone charged tickets on a Russian airline to ours.

By the way... it is just rough when a parent won't allow themselves to be manipulated by their grown children. I feel for you, Heidi... :)

Thankfulmom said...

Glad to hear that you have not actually taken up golf. Somehow it doesn't fit my image of you - but then again, you are full of surprises.