Tuesday, October 07, 2008

No Photos of Today!

Be glad I didn't include photos.

In keeping with the creepy, crawly halloween season, one of my children has opened a successful lice sanctuary. Not only that, said child has passed the blessings on to me. So, today was spent combing. And recombing. And purchasing expensive mixtures of rosemary, eucalyptis, olive and other oils (that actually work, unlike over the counter lice meds).

Now, we smell like the fast growing eucalyptis tree in our front yard.

Belive it or not, combing can wear you out.

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Anonymous said...

hehhehe, reminded me of something the other day, we came back from picking up our little girl from school, and some of the guyz at the shop, started teasing her and she got frustrated and started crying and somebody related to us, held out and took her outside, it was only a few seconds, and there was this huge piojo crawing in our little girl's arm. When my wife shared that with me, we also did some combing and recombing, but we did not find any more, but some adults in our family have 'em by packs. LOL