Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Activities of Late

What would you do with this great discovery?

We found these wonderful acorn tops that look like curly heads of hair (or octupus hats, as Sarah suggested) outside the University of SC Art Department the other day. The kids are taking art classes there on Fridays for a few months.

Suggestions are welcome. Here are some initial ideas:
shepard and octopus Christmas tree ornaments.

We like to keep Ethiopian culture here at the house by roasting coffee. I think Zion's birth mom will enjoy these pics, don't you?

She's also been doing some Dominican style cooking with Elias.

Zion joined Alden this week at the dojo, now taking karate and VERY excited about it. Alden got an email from China, so we grabbed this shot today to email back. Pictures transcend the language barrier (and my ability to type in Chinese), and he really wants his friends back there to know he is doing karate.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics of the children. Zion looks so calm and serious. I'm not used to seeing her this way. Alden radiates happiness, I'm sure his friends will enjoy seeing him so happy. Obviously home schooling agrees with them!