Saturday, September 06, 2008

My Honor Star

I actually plugged in an iron and used it on clothing today. David bought one a few years ago when I was out of town, and now I have used it three times. Twice for karate rank tests for Alden, and today for a very special occasion.

Three years ago, our Sarah made a commitment to become an Honor Star. It's an intensive program at our church, similar to Girl Scouts, where girl's earn badges through helping others, writing essays, memorizing scripture and other materials, reading the New Testament, and choosing to live exemplary lives.

Three girls were honored today for taking on this challenge. Sarah and her friend Mikaila were two of the girls. They wear a white dress, and their dads escort them to the front of the church, where they are honored with a cape and crowning ceremony and a photo present ion about each girl. They also get to decorate a table with things that are a part of their lives.

I had to hold back tears. She is growing up so FAST! Zion is starting the early version of the program, so she got to stand on stage with her class and receive a certificate. Alden touched my heart by solemnly escorting me in and out of the sanctuary. He's now excited about working hard at Royal Rangers, because they get to wear swords with their uniforms.


Michelle Malay Carter said...

Congratulations to Sarah. What a great accomplishment.

The iron comment cracks me up! Just recently, I got mine out and Brenna, who is six, asked me what it was!

If you haven't discovered it yet, there is a spray called Wrinkle Releaser. I get my kids' clothes out for school the night before. Lay them out straight and smooth, spray the wrinkles, pull the fabric slightly, and in the morning they are dry and presentable. (Not crispy with seams in all the right places, but presentable which is good enough for me these days. I know women who used to iron sheets and underwear!)

Downy makes the name brand and it is expensive. I by the knock off brank at Dollar General. It's half the price.



nosmallfeat said...

I am proud to know Sarah and look forward to my children being influenced by such a special young lady...

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah, what a special day in your life. You have achieved a special goal which so exemplifies you, that of service and love. I know you have really worked hard for this special day and you look so beautiful, with the radiance that comes from within-a pure heart. We are so proud of you! Grandma,pa,&U.D.