Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bahamas Training

David and I spent last week in the Bahamas, doing some training in audio, camera operation and editing. We really enjoyed our time, and our hosts educated us about Bahamian history and religion, economics and the recent devestaging effects of hurricanes. They also took us to this wonderful state park, where we saw some tiny birds that looked like humming birds. I thought humming birds didn't relax long enough to get a photo, so maybe they are something else. Anyone know?

Here's some of the editing class. Most of them are pretty young, which means they are born knowing more about computers than I'll ever hope to glean. Their enthusiasm for all things "techie" was energizing.

I get such cool jobs!

Oh, and here is our fun and colorful hotel by the inlet - live music at night from the porch and a nice local coffee shop a short walk from the lobby. Even when the power was turned off in fear of bad hurricane weather, it was still great.

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Jeff Watson said...

Hello -

Met you at the Final Cut Pro 6 class.

How did you get this job? Look's neat!